Objection Prevention

Objection Prevention

Objection word in 3d letters and a man jumping over it on an arrow to illustrate overcoming a challenge, rejection or disapproval

Objection Prevention Wouldn’t it be great if we could prevent objections before they come up? Wouldn’t it also be great if we were proactive rather than reactive when managing common objections thus getting them handled and out of the way early? There are no new objections.  We know, from experience, dependent on our industry, what… Continue reading Objection Prevention

Closing With Combinations

Closing With Combinations “No single close will ever gain you a sale; you must know a series of closes to complete the sale. It normally takes between five and eight closes to reach sale’s success”…J. Douglas Edwards, the godfather of modern day sales training and techniques. However, the chosen combination of these closers is the… Continue reading Closing With Combinations


10+ Closing techniques and tactics covered here by “The Sales Doctor” include: How many closing techniques do you really know and use? In recent surveys, most salespeople could only recite 2. To be really competent in this “ART OF CLOSING”, we must know and use multiples of techniques in combination, much like a prize fighter.… Continue reading Untitled

Active Listening

bright picture of happy woman listening gossip

Active Listening Listening to someone is, as Winston Churchill put it, “the highest compliment you can give to someone”. How well do you listen?  What levels are your communication skills at? We all know we given two ears and one mouth and should use them in that proportion, but do we? Experts tell us that… Continue reading Active Listening

Succeed with new “How To’s” and Tactics

Saleswoman offering a pen to a couple of angry customers that rejects to sing a contract at office

9 Winning Steps to Managing all Sales Objections What is an objection? Master sales trainer, J Douglas Edwards, arguably the world’s best ever Sales and Persuasion Trainer said “Objections, if you learn to listen, will indicate to you what they want to buy. Objections are in effect, signposts on the way to the sale. That… Continue reading Succeed with new “How To’s” and Tactics


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