What our clients have said about “The Masters of Success” training series via DVD and MP3.

Their satisfaction and personal growth is our primary goal at “The Masters of Success”.

"What can you say? J. Douglas Edwards was the godfather of most, if not all, the superstar presenters of today. He was well ahead of his time. When he speaks, you listen! His ideas and philosophies are as fresh, as if spoken today. I strongly recommend you take on board his messages and let him help change your life, like he has for me."
Graham Taylor-Edwards
Managing Director Success Resources International
"You may have heard of Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, Fred Hermann, Bill Gove, Cavett Robert and Earl Nightengale. These great authors and orators, created timeless wisdom, easy to understand with tremendous support for the creation of your personal and business success. If you have yet to add and experience J Douglas Edwards, you must add him to your list. Whether it is via ebook, audio book or video, absorb every minute of his wisdom, and developing your greatness is certain."
John Meluso
Certified Speaking Professional and Author of eyeTalk™
As a sales and communication trainer, I regularly use and refer to use J Douglass Edwards material as it is tried, tested and timeless. I cant recommend these resources highly enough if you are looking to accelerate your sales skills.
Sarah Dalton
Director, Paragon Professional


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