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This website is primarily devoted to the lessons, teachings and vast knowledge of the past “Masters of Success”.


“I trust you will become as inspired, motivated and keen to learn from them as I am”…David Jackson CSP.


J. Douglas Edwards Masters of Success Sales Training Series 1.


“The Masters of Success Sales Training Series 1.” featuring J. Douglas Edwards will deliver you 21 live presentations and MP3 products on sales and motivation training from the legends of yesteryear. You will benefit from their skills, techniques, powers and tactics which are timeless. Our first series of over 20 presentations will exclusively feature the “Godfather” of all trainers, J. Douglas Edwards.

Included in this series:

This extensive, comprehensive and easily accessible Training Library is an absolute must if you really desire to lift your professionalism in sales, sales management, training and business strategies sector of your business. Just one “Success” sales strategy implemented and used will more than equal your total investment in this Masters of success Sales Training Series.


Masters of Success Series 2.


Other “Masters of Success” Presenters in Series 2 you will be meeting via DVD will include:

We find it a privilege to share these often “difficult to find” resources with you. We trust these learning experiences will be both life changing and results changing for you, your family and those who you share your life with.


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